Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stay that way for the rest of the day

The best blog entry I've read in a while: amagnificentbastard's new Out of Treatment episode.
(full disclosure: I'm related to darknessatnoon and I provided some minor proofreading of the piece.)

So why is it that the more frequently I blog, the less frequently people visit and/or leave comments? Are you all using those cool Google blog-feeder-app-things which make it impossible for you to be counted by my counter? Or am I writing boring stuff?

I'm three years late on this but It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is brilliant. I recommend parts 1 and 2 of the Gang Gets Whacked episodes (requires painless registration because of adult content).

Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel: Good song.

Why won't the currently-not-being-used large piece of motorized construction equipment outside my window just shut its engine off? It's going to be a long summer - new buildings built, old ones razed, parking lots transformed into food courts.

I'm starting to worry a little about Barack Obama's nomination being impeded. I just want him to win it and be rid of Clinton so he can be free to go after McCain and his bizarre foreign policy. I have no idea why Obama's comments a few weeks ago (about frustrated people "clinging" to religion, guns, etc.) were perceived so negatively. What he said was true - not of everyone, but enough people. The truth shouldn't be feared.


darknessatnoon said...

Yes, I'm reading you through the reader thingie (which you won't log unless I click off the reader onto a page to see your comments). I have been remiss in commenting, though! I'm sorry! First, I meant to comment on one of your recent posts when I was comfortably at my work-desk, but my station has been having internet trouble. So, I started playing Solitaire on my computer since I had nothing to do. I had forgotten the rules and couldn't remember them even after playing a few rounds. I became so frustrated that I sat their with my shoulders hunched, and my neck stretched out for an hour, trying to win one fucking game. This effort hurt my neck. It's finally getting better, but this has made typing comments uncomfortable.

Anyway, thanks for pumping up the Out of Treatment series. I've had fun writing it, and your help was indispensable.

Also, duh, I figured out how to play solitaire... eventually.

Jason B. said...

More boobies!