Thursday, April 03, 2008

13 things to get excited about

(random order)

13. Wahoo's at my workplace!
12. This (the new album more than the reissue).
11. The Final Four.
10. The lovely weather.
9. Obama is pretty much the candidate now.
8. The Timberwolves. No longer terrible.... now mediocre.
7. Hulu.
6. R.E.M., good new song.
5. Panda Bear, perfect song.
4. The new baseball season, which mostly means fresh new FIRE JOE MORGAN.

3. Monk fan fiction. I could write a (non-fiction) book about the psychology/pathology of this.
2. The John from Cincinnati DVD is finally out.
1. Krolik on Kobe (and to think... we walk the same campus).

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