Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Broken Rules

(Blogger rule #1: Don't talk about the weather. No one cares)

On Sunday it was 95 degrees. Right now, just past noon, it's 58. I like this better.

(Blogger rule #2. Don't write about bad basketball teams only you care about.)

The Timberwolves have two games left this season. As it stands, they'll be worse - but not that much worse - than they were with Kevin Garnett. They have six good young players (Jefferson, Gomes, Snyder, Foye, Brewer, McCants) and a high draft pick this June (Mayo? That would be cool.) Yeah, I'm feeling optimistic. Now, if they could just replace the coach, the GM, and the owner.

(Blogger rule #3. Under no circumstances, write about Mark Eitzel. No one else likes him.)

Okay I won't. Except to say that he (and band) are playing at the Echo in L.A. in one month and one day. Can't wait. And I should add - listen to songs 1, 4, 12, and 22 on the linked page. Ideally, you should listen at night. Alone.

(Blogger rule #4. Don't complain about your workplace.)

So, they're going to crack down on the (tuition-paying) bicycle riders? Yet, the crazed (salary-earning) facilities people (and other employees) on their golf carts and Segways are free to continue to torment pedestrians.

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