Monday, April 21, 2008

For the rabbits on the run

Too tired (general malaise, sleep interrupted by lower back pain) to write something of substance. Instead, a few links:

Everyone should read amagnificentbastard's Out of Treatment series: it begins here, continues here and here with a few interludes above and below.

I took a tour of this house on Saturday. If you're in L.A. you should do the same.

Good new music: She & Him. Beach House.

Good old music: Springsteen, live in 1978. Watch all 9+ minutes. Better audio than video but still fascinating.

And a good old song, done new.

This whole 30 Rock episode is great. But whoever chose that song to play in the scene that begins at the 10:00 mark deserves giant amounts of praise.

And a new poem here.

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