Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sitting Inside a Functioning Apartment With A Cell Phone By My Side

The title is a reference. It's not to be taken literally. Although it does describe what I'm doing right now.

The fire alarm was a false one.

What fire alarm? The one at work today that I didn't write about it in my blog because I don't blog from the office.

Don't forget to read Stylus Magazine's list of Top 50 One-Hit Wonders. It's more interesting than you think. The level of writing for songs #18 through #15 is particularly good.

Maybe it's the mood I'm in. Maybe it's just because it's March, Madness and all. But holy crap I love this Gus Johnson remix (via Deadspin). Who's Gus Johnson? He's a college basketball announcer. He's enthusiastic sometimes. This is a music-accompanied remix of his most excitable calls. Yes, it's "Bautista with the CATCH" (go to the 1:46 mark for the best example) and "Ha-haa!" (2:35) set to a dance mix.

Maybe I'm easily impressed. Listening to it for the fourth time. What else is there to do? Watch Scrubs reruns? Go to the gym?

Remember this song?

This stuff is good. It's helping me sleep.

Yeah, I should go to the gym.

I can see the Griffith Observatory from my window. It's all lit up in the dark. I used to think the observatory lights looked like a vagina. I don't think that anymore so much. Yes, I just said that. Yes, I'm blogging from home. Seymour is at my side, purring in a contented manner.

I still think this guy (the lead singer) looks like me (assuming it was 1987 and I had blond hair). I don't know about the song though.

Phone is ringing. Alex?

Yes. Alex doesn't like it when I do impersonations of her car door warning beep. She doesn't need to ever hear it again (my impersonation, not the beep).

Back to blogging. Seymour's still here. Though, during the phone call, I spent some time on the porch with the neighborhood cat. This one:

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Hmmmm... said...

I would love to see you with eyeliner - like the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. Yeah, that would be cool. Oh... and "hi" to Skinny - cute pic! What song is your title "lifted" from?