Monday, March 12, 2007

If I'm To Be Your Camera, Then Who Will Be Your Face?

(Thanks to Alex for the new photo.)

Tomorrow, this book comes out. I can't wait. Jonathan Lethem's output over the last 10 years has been the best for any writer in my lifetime. And it's been a while since I've latched on to a great novel and there's no reason to think this one won't be worth the trouble.

You might remember my NCAA basketball tournament preview entries from 2005, the first (in my opinion) truly interesting writing on this blog (2005 day one is here; day two here). If you're going to follow the links, ignore the extremely inaccurate predictions in favor of the highly amusing personal anecdotes.

I chose not to tackle the tournament predictions in 2006. I just didn't feel like it. Not enough time had passed. But what about this year? The tournament bracket came out yesterday. I have two more years worth of anecdotes at the ready, as well as newly remembered - but older - stories in need of an audience. Plus, there's someone new in my life who attended one of the number-one-seeded schools and lived in the town that housed another one of the good teams and I've got her stories to tell. Yes, I have to do it. Sometimes, you must give the people what they want.

So watch this space for my 2007 predictions. In Los Angeles today, it's 92 degrees out and drier than Hal Linden's bonhomie. I've got to do something to keep my mind off the weather.

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