Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What Holds the World Together?

If you know the musical answer to the question in today's post title, you win a prize.

Speaking of questions, where have I been?

Around, I've been around. This is a complicated world. Los Angeles is a complicated city.

Lately, I've enjoyed watching the birds fly in flocks outside my window. There's a gang of green birds. There are always six of them. They swoop in and perch on the fruit tree outside my window, the one that lurches toward me from the nieghbor's yard. After a few minutes of perching, they fly away again, always to the northwest, past Kragen Auto Parts and into the hills, in the direction of the Magic Castle. But what kind of birds are green? Are they stray Pasadena wild parrots?

I've been sick actually. When you're as sick as I've been these past four years, a day like today - a day of recovery and clarity, of unplugged ears and cleared sinuses - is a beautiful day.

I've been sleeping very poorly lately. That's okay. I've been enjoying my late night/early morning phone calls with the central time zone. I've tolerated the late night talk shows (no excuse for watching Carson Daly though - Ali, what are you doing?) I need lots of sleep to catch up. Saturday - that's when I'm withdrawing my banked sleephours.

With Blogger down due to an "unexpected problem," all of my Sedarisesque/Spalding Grayish "woe is me" talk could be moot by the time I post this. Okay, I'll stop complaining.

You know what's a good song? Sugar Free Jazz by Soul Coughing. Yes, that's what I said.

There is a very good chance that I will meet one of my idols tonight. If this happens, I will report back to you tomorrow.


rose said...

Why, that would be the wind in your gun totin' beauty's hair, of course.

You're easy.

I'm requesting a six footish prize to be delivered tonight. One that's juicy like a lispy mango but stays.

Ali said...

you win! you win! you win! yes, the world is indeed held together by the wind that blows through Gena Rowlands' hair.

the prize will be delivered, though delivery time depends on other factors (weater, road conditions, frequent flyer ticket availability, roller derby schedule, etc.)