Monday, June 26, 2006

This is among the more amazing things I have recently seen yes it is

Just click HERE.

NBC tends to remove content from youtube. Watch it soon or you may suffer the absence of this experience.

Is there anything better than brilliant failure? Than tragic brilliance?

I actually saw it live a couple of weeks ago.... half asleep, waiting for Conan to start. I assumed it was a dream. I had forgotten about it until this morning and thankfully someone posted it on youtube .

It's the sound of a generation defining itself, deleting the definition, and then REDEFINING itself.

Watch the whole thing. It doesn't work if you only watch the beginning.

It's the sound of the redefinition being met with palpable horror. It's the vision of a man gone mad. Mad like Van Gogh or Plath, not mad like Dahmer. He's from Pasadena, you know.


Jason B. said...

Holy Crap! Holy Holy Crap Crap!

I really don't know what to say. Horrible, lovely. Why that song? Why not "Running with the Devil?" Why not "Hot for Teacher?"

Oh my God! The band is great, he's horrible. I.

Ali said...


You want "Running with the Devil?"?

You want "Hot For Teacher"?

They're both on the new bluegrass "Tribute to Van Halen" album.

Congratulations! It's a girl!