Wednesday, June 14, 2006


There's so much going on this picture. I could tell you stories. Maybe some day I will. Text and subtext. The yellow truck. The Foam Rubber Products building. The pink ruffles on the lovely rollergirl in front. The rainbow flag, the American flag. The way her laces match the tail lights. The skull and crossbones on the referee's shoulder. It's all so invigorating.

Now that was a basketball game last night, wasn't it?

And this is a beautiful day in Los Angeles. I've spent the last hour procrastinating important work stuff and reading through a Microsoft Word document that happens to contain every poem I wrote in 1999. 179 pages! I was prolific. Those were the days, the days before blogging. Now I write about basketball and why I don't perform at my job at a 100% level. My '98 file has 286 pages!

This next little story might seem reminiscent of the more recent old days - 2005 - when I would blog about my cubicle mates at my old government job. I just overheard a coworker's (loud) phone conversation in which he spoke of two things that are rarely mentioned in a professional office environment. I don't want to say too much. I'll just say both topics involved "jobs."

Tomorrow is a busy day at work. I will prepare for it by lazily pushing my way through my last 95 minutes here before I go home. Later, I will sleep early and emerge refreshed in the morning, ready for my long day of analysis and research.

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