Monday, June 12, 2006

NBA Finals

(note: this entry was written last Thursday, prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Because of problems with the Blogger site, it was never posted. Arrogant in my belief that you want to read everything I write, no matter how untimely it may be, I am posting it now.)

It's clear now that my Minnesota Timberwolves won't win the title this year. The NBA Finals start tonight and it's the second most hated franchise in the NBA (the Miami Heat) against a likeable bunch of guys (the Dallas Mavericks). The Heat would be the most hated franchise if it weren't for:
A. Shaq, the second best player in NBA history and a seemingly nice guy. At his peak (2001-2002), he was so talented that he would have been an all-star even if he were a 5'1" point guard.)
B. The existence of the San Antonio Spurs, the most hated team in the NBA. (Note: The best player in NBA history is this guy. And don't you try to disagree with me.)

Why do I dislike the Heat? Well, the Heat is a stupid name. Pat Riley ruined the NBA in the 90s with his defense-obsessed graceless brand of basketball. Antoine Walker has a weak game. JWill is overrated. Dwyane Wade is nice though. And I wouldn't mind seeing Gary Payton win a championship. But you know I'd rather have happen? I'd rather see the goofy German Dirk and the certifiably crazy Jason Terry get their rings, not to mention little Avery Johnson, Devin Harris, the Senegal dude, and the guy from the Naked Gun movies. You might think that with the finals about to start, my incessant basketball talk will cease. It won't. The NBA Draft (my favorite day of the year!) is coming and the wolves have the 6th pick, which better not be that Gay guy from Connecticut (Gay is his name, not a descriptor... maybe it's both though) or Tyrus Thomas from LSU. No, I prefer Brandon Roy from Washington. And who wouldn't? My prediction: Dallas wins in 7.

(additional note: now that the Mavericks are up 2-0, I could have tinkered with my prediction and said Dallas in 6 or 5 or 4. I'll stick with 7. Shaq will play better. Stackhouse will miss some shots. Games will get closer. Or... I'm wrong about everything.)

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