Wednesday, February 01, 2006

random thoughts concerning stuff I'm not really thinking about

I'm glad to see that Crash got so many Oscar nominations. Comedies usually don't get this much respect from the Academy.

Early mornings are both beautiful and creepy, much like the music of 1980s Australian band the Triffids (especially their masterpiece Calenture)

Don't get too close to the microphone.

Why did it take me 10 vieiwings to realize Fargo was a tragedy?

Could John Oates come after me? He is from the mean streets of Philadelphia, you know.

I appreciated John Stewart's wonderful juxtaposition on the Daily Show recently showing how Oprah Winfrey (interviewing poor James Frey) has much higher standards of ethics and honesty than much of the Washington press (interviewing Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.). Could Oprah be president? Sure, I'll take her. And I'd take James Frey over what we've got.

Did I just get political?

And please God get that song I praised two days ago out of my head!!!

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thingsoncobras said...

Been stuck in airports, terrorized
Sent to meetings, hypnotized
Overexposed, commercialized

I think it's always more torturing to leave it unfinished - that gives your subconscious the chance to do its trick...