Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lord I Was Born A Circuitously Rambling Man

They're playing Husker Du on BBC Radio 4. There's a "free speech zone" outside my office window. The pasta sauce of the day today is puttanesca. They're calling for the president to come out of his office and respond to the Coca Cola boycott threat. It's the first song from Warehouse: Songs and Stories. I can't figure out HTML code for umlauts. Puttanesca is good in theory but not in practice, especially in the basement of a student union. I wonder how many people notice my hair today. Why do my computer speakers crackle when my cell phone rings? Will I get cancer from my phone? What's up with the bird flu? That's something to be scared of. A few weeks ago the "free speech zone" wasn't free. But now it is. Someone said a bad word. Alumni complained. The best puttanesca sauce I ever had was in Glendale during the Clinton administration. But someone in power intervened, pointing out the meaning of "free." Speaking of free, dudes it's just a cartoon! And Europe, hey it's just a protest! Well, until the embassies are set ablaze and then it's more. I just want it to end. I'm just trying to make a living, doing the best I can.


thingsoncobras said...

They were playing These Important Years? No way!

I've never had puttanesca, but it sounds tasty? Anchovies!

Are we all going to get the avian bird flu? I asked my friend the genius the other day, and he estimates that if it does break out, there'll be about a 30% infection rate, with about 50% fatalities among that group. You do the math.

2541 said...

well, all the DJ said was "Side 1 Track 1" That's how those Brits are.