Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Everybody Wants To Find Graffiti Bridge

I will miss you. What we had was special. The connection was undeniable. After all these years you still bring a smile to my face when I think of you. I know you tried your best, tried to mix things up, stir the pot. Alas, it didn't take. Still, I will miss you so. You're the best, Arrested Development!

Losing to the Toronto Raptors at home? Now the Timberwolves are in serious trouble. Perhaps this guy has the answer.

Only seven days until the Hold Steady concert! It may be my last rock concert (age, cynicism, etc.) ever but I have a feeling it'll be my best.

(Aside to the dude in the parking structure this morning. Your soliloquy on why the big white painted arrows "didn't matter" is duly noted. Still, mere physics - as opposed to logic or perceived fairness - explains why you're wrong. )

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thingsoncobras said...

Hey, you may be looking for Graffiti Bridge -- I'm still looking for The Ladder. Maybe if I find The Ladder, it'll take me to Graffiti Bridge! But it'll probably just take me to The Cross. Dang.