Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Too Much Sun

I'd like to stress that the final sentence of yesterday's post was written with some degree of humor and levity.

Also, in the picture of me bowling, I'm obviously displaying less-than-perfect bowling form (see Liam and the Jesus in The Big Lebowski for examples of perfect form.) Still, I believe I got the highest score out of all of us on that November 2005 night on the east side of Pasadena.

My cats were staring at me this morning as I struggled to wake up (it's the Daylight Savings Time.) Seymour often looks at me in the hopes of triggering my feeding mechanism. Lily, on the other hand, usually ignores me until I grab my keys and take that last step to the door when she meows, in an effort to get me to stay home. But there she was this morning, inches away from my head, with Seymour at my feet. Both of them (the cats, not my feet) staring holes into my eyes. Had I done something wrong? Did I start snoring again? Are they confused by the time change too?

Eventually, they scampered away as I stood up and discovered I wouldn't have time for a shower because it's street sweeper Wednesday and I don't want another ticket. All was back to normal.

Finally, a few political opinions. To those of you in my old Pennsylvania stomping grounds: vote for Barack Obama, campaign for Barack Obama. Also, while I may not agree with the guy's tactics and while I don't condone prostitution, is it really necessary for an effective, popular governor to resign for one stupid (but still shouldn't be illegal) misstep?

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