Monday, March 10, 2008

Perfect Plum

Over the past few days, I've worked as hard as I ever have. Real work. Paid work.

I've written so many words, spoken so many truths.

Now I'm tired.

Now I'm watching college basketball on my couch. The shades are closed. The air conditioning is on though it should probably be off.

I just ate two plums. The first was far better than the second. The first was the perfect plum.

I've changed the channel. Two and a Half Men is not a bad show. They're like the Allman Brothers Band of TV shows. You forget about them and then you remember.

I'll eventually write that La Verne post.

And I'll write a Brea post. Brea, wow. I almost forgot.

And yes I changed the blog design. again. I exiled the orange over here, where you'll see some new stuff from 8 years ago.

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