Tuesday, March 04, 2008

On November 13th...

(To those who asked, the blog post about Sunday in La Verne is on its way. This is not it.)

I cleaned my desk at the office. It was getting a little too crowded, with stacks of junk consisting of old newspapers (some of which I read) and old meeting handouts (all of which I read, few of which I read twice). Now I have much more surface - slippery and veneered. I also changed the calendar page to March. The new picture is one of an old pier. People are wearing hats. There is a beached canoe and a roller coaster. I wish I was there. I could be there. The beach would be nice today. It's around 70 degrees and the sun is bright but calm.

This morning, I returned some DVDs to the downtown Los Angeles library. I successfully navigated the one-ways and the no-left-turns in a seemingly impossible quest to find the elusive curbside drop box. It's on 5th, between Grand and Flower, in you need to know. 5th is a one-way, heading west.

One of the DVDs was from season one of The Odd Couple. I loved that show growing up. I like it now. Someone needs to revive that show. Or the play or movie, both of which were great too. Maybe I should be the one to do it. Or these guys.

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