Thursday, April 26, 2007

Linkery... Yet Another Incarnation

The Phil Spector trial is starting to get interesting.

Some old Leonard Cohen video footage. The first two videos are mesmerizing. The third one is notable for the way Leonard turns to look at the background singers when the first chorus starts. That moment almost makes up for the fact that this is the worst song ever written, by anyone. Four more observations about this video:
  • The kid in archway #4 on the bottom was getting a little antsy, wasn't he?
  • Has anyone ever lip-synched so flawlessly? (I'm 98% sure that this was the studio version of that wretched wretched song.)
  • Did all girls wear sweaters like that in 1984? Or was that a conscious decision by the wardrobe department?
  • What's up with the racial segregation of the background singers?
I'm seeing this movie tomorrow night. It's about a font and I can't wait.

To say that the first four paragraphs of this article were a bit shocking to me (keep in mind that this is the L.A. Times sports section) would be an understatement. Anyway, I think it's cool. Good luck Christine.

I want to, as requested, write more about the NBA playoffs. But these guys do it better than me. And the third picture is priceless. I will say the following about the playoffs:
  • We're two more Chicago Bulls wins from having no more Miami Heat in the playoffs. This would be a godsend. The Heat are the least interesting team in sports. I still refuse to acknowledge their victory in last year's finals. It never happened. Actually, the last NBA Finals that actually happened were in 2000.
  • The Golden State Warriors are fun to watch. Baron Davis is pretty amazing. I remember wishing the Timberwolves would have drafted him in 1999... but he was gone by the time they picked and we got stuck with this guy (the one on the right).
  • I'm fascinated by the Lakers. I think they're coming back. I can see it in the vacant/prescient stares of Phil and Kobe.
This movie isn't appreciated enough.


The Alec Baldwin voice mail. It never gets old. (He should probably know his daughter's actual age if he's going to give her grief over not answering the phone.)

I'll end on a positive note.

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Jason said...

You weren't the only one who leaped all over Christine Daniels. That was crazy!

Will you have a review of the film you saw Friday night?