Thursday, April 19, 2007

Save What You Can

There's no excuse. Waiting you make 6 days? I should be ashamed. It used to be you could come here on a Wednesday and it was very very likely that would you would see/read would be different from what you remember from Monday.

I have no excuses.

The NBA regular season is over. The playoffs start Saturday. The Timberwolves (as expected) are done. I'll openly root for every team except San Antonio and Miami. And Detroit and Denver too. I don't care for New Jersey or Chicago either. Lakers? Yes.

This is an amazing song from 1986. And an interesting video.

Here's NPR Puzzlemaster Will Shortz's puzzle from last Sunday:
Name something commonly found in an office. It is two words, with five letters in the first word and four letters in the last. Both words are the last names of famous singers. What are the office items, and who are the singers?
The deadline for posting answers has passed. But I really want to know the answer. I can't wait until Sunday. Does anyone know?

This is 14 months old but still funny, as are the other pieces in the John Moe series.

Soon you'll get an amazingly long blog entry about a strange day in 1988. I'll write about Bakersfield and Edie Brickell and this film. And Morrissey too. And myself. But mostly Bakersfield.

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