Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Seymour Chews Up A Kitschy Cardboard Coaster

1. Seymour gently nibbles on the coaster, getting a sense of its texture and taste.

2. He chews off one corner, pondering the costs/benefits of eating more.

3. No doubt about it - he wants to devour this thing!

4. Oops. Got some detritus stuck in the catfang.

5. THIS is the best angle - standing it up, from the side, making use of the sharper corner teeth. Mmm this is good.

Meanwhile, Lily watches it all from her perch, wondering what time Gilmore Girls comes on.


Jason said...

Best Blueprint post ever!!!

seymour butts said...

I agree.

Helena said...

Aw, Seymour!

Why did he have to resort to the coaster? Do you have him on some awful diet? My friend's kitty is on Catkins. No joke. Did I tell you that already? I repeat myself a lot.