Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Meetings About Lists

We'll pretend yesterday's bizarre post never happened. I won't delete it. I'll just move on. Keep in mind that I wrote it 7 years ago. I posted it yesterday out of boredom and a need to see something new on the page.

Today is a lovely day, weather-wise. Also, it's 10:36 and I've completed more real work in the 2 hours and 1 minute I've been at work than I did all of last week. It helps not having meetings, not having "busy work."

Of course I like meetings here. Unlike my previous job, where we had pointless meetings about needless meetings (thanks taxpayers), here we have meetings that actually mean something. And when they don't, they're at least entertaining. Really. For example, yesterday I learned that.... No, never mind.

(Be careful: If you follow the link in the previous paragraph you'll be transported to a time of innocence and marriage and screenplays about dream merchants.. you'll be transported to 2005!)

This morning I awoke to NPR's coverage of the Senate confirmation hearing of the new Defense Secretary nominee Robert Gates. I stayed in bed, drfiting in and out of sleep, for 30 minutes. It's eerie listening to Senators giving carefully crafted platitudes and forming formless questions while blissfully cradling oneself under the most comfortable comforter in the world, with pockets of wakefulness invading one's bubble of sleep. It's not as eerie listening to Gates give sturdily confident answers to those formless questions, answers that unfortunately say nothing and will surely get him nominated. At least he's better than the previous guy. Who could be worse really?

If you're into year-end music lists (and who isn't?), go here for a very fine list of lists.

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