Friday, December 29, 2006

Previews of Coming Attractions

In the next few days and weeks, you readers will be subjected to:

1. A retelling of "The Sbarro Incident." A true story. It happened to me. Yesterday. A story so good and delicious that I must first tell the story to as many people as I can in person before writing about it. I won't even discuss it by phone (unless you live at least 380 miles away from me). So I need a few weeks to get the word out. In the meantime, you deserve some tasty details, hinting at what will be in store. I will say these three things:

Yes, I was acting like a bit of an a-hole. But come on!

There's no excuse for me even being there. Sbarro? What it this, Ali? 1985?

There were six of them. One of me. No, I'm wrong about that. There were seven of them. This is the best part of the whole experience - where it all came crashing down and I could walk away knowing that there were no winners or losers, just future storytellers. And the story they're telling? The Sbarro Incident.

2. A poem in which I discuss why 2007 will be a good year. Why? Well, the name of the poem (still in progress) is Years That End in Seven.

3. Year-end lists. Films, books, TV shows, songs, cereal fruits, shoes that I have owned, etc.

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