Friday, December 22, 2006

Can You Get To That?

I keep changing my mind on my top 2 love songs. I need the holiday weekend to work it out.

In a few hours my vacation starts. No work until January 2. No long lonesome walks through the desolate studentless university I call "home" for 1/3 my weekdays. No more free chocolate turtles and holiday sno-caps. No more well-considered gift cards.

My plans for the break? A long drive and a short flight. Lots of music from 1988 and 2006. A few movies (Inland Empire, Borat for the second time, The Good Shephard, etc.) Perhaps a massive chorus of boomboxes in a park somewhere.

A knock on my office door. I think they're giving me money.


rose said...

Take it and run, darlin'...

Ali said...

it wasn't money. Just a $10 gift certificate to The Coffee Bean. Which is nice of course.