Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Do I need to do more baiting? Shall I provoke you? How else can I get more comments? No comments for 5 days? That's unheard of in blueprintblueland! It's not like I'm writing fluff, the birthday poem notwithstanding. I gave you the mole story! I gave you a top albums of the decade list so insightfully written that it deserved a dozen bantering comments from a half-dozen banterers. I gave you iconoclastic iconography.

So. It's provocation you want? Here goes. Deadwood is even worse this season. The Wire is even better. People in Minnesota talk funny. Neil Young was the weak link (harmonically) in CSNY. David Lynch is better (way better) at directing TV than film. David Foster Wallace is better (slightly better) at writing fiction than non-fiction. Claire Danes can kick Natalie Portman's ass. The worst basketball game is more compelling than the best football game (and I like football.) Hipsters are good people, for the most part. Thinly cut French fries are better than steak fries. Mike, remember the other night when you told me that the referee in the Vikings game looked like Keith from Six Feet Under? Come on! You were so way off that I'm really concerned about you.

Okay that was a little over the top, all that provocation. I'm really a nice guy. How do I know people aren't happening along this blog for the first time? They could get a really negative impression of Ali. I like poetry. I enjoy a good picnic. I let a woman with 1 1/2 arms cross the street today and she wasn't even at a crosswalk. I tip over 20%. Every time. I like to laugh. In fact I laughed earlier today at a funny comment I overheard. It involved an elephant and the story of Job.


Helena said...

Fuck hipsters!!

God, that was such a cheap shot on your part. And I'm a bad person for allowing myself to be baited.

L.Cohen said...

No you're not a bad person. You just have feelings that's all.