Thursday, September 21, 2006

The 6-Foot Viking

I had a dream last night in which Rod Stewart stood in front of a crowded ballroom with a microphone railing against George Bush and the right wing political/corporate establishment. At the end of his rant, he repeatedly screamed "I am the 6-foot viking! I am the the 6-foot viking!"


Jason said...

Every picture tells a g-dd-mn-d story, don't it?

Jason said...

What? No post? Me like little baby crying now.

Boo hoo. Me crying. Please give me post.

Make funny, insightful post. Pweese.

Pwitty Pweeze.

sinter klaus said...

There is a gent amoung you (and by "you" I mean your blogging/commenting crowd) who bears a striking resemblance to Rod Stewart and all the little Amish girls in Southern Minnesota.

Ali said...

I wonder who this "sinter klaus" is.

sinter - is it possible you live in the state that gave us Eminem, the automobile industry, and the 2004 Pistons (the worst NBA champion of all time)

or am I way off?