Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just To Get Up That Hill

Three unnumbered observations:

The Jeffersons was a weird ass show. Ahead of its time. Full of love and joy and sex. Sherman Hemsley should've been in movies.

On New Hampshire Avenue every song sounds sweeter, every voice is clearer.

Everyone should look at pictures of themselves from their childhood and cringe at the clothes and haircuts and the black-and-white. In between the cringes there is a deeper understanding.


little black zeus said...

Love, joy, and sex for sure. I just realized 'ouisie embodies all things feminine. She's nurturing, strong, loving, morally upright, patient, and generous. Not to mention her outlandish rack. She's a goddess. Could The Jeffersons be an allegory? Or am I getting carried away?

Jason B. said...

You must be high on insomnia.

sinter klaus said...

My word verification is OWLIE. How's that for insomnia?

sinter klaus said...

Now my word verification is CRAPPAY. Two in one night! One long, never-ending night.