Monday, May 15, 2006

Pants, Fancy

Greetings from Chicago. For the first time ever, I like Chicago. It didn't seem tired last night. It was alive. And soft. In a way, it was just what I needed. I could have done without the insomnia, although my trip to the hotel lobby at 4:30AM to ease my racing mind was sort of fun. As I lounged in a leather lobby chair, I watched the sun rise over the Chicago River and read a long essay on the life of Phillip Roth.

Some things I've discovered in Chicago:
  • People like to talk about the weather here.
  • Thin pizza crust in Chicago = Thick pizza crust in Los Angeles
  • Myopic Books is a real store, in addition to the name/subject of a great Mark Eitzel song. It's a cat bookstore. In other words, there's a cat that lives there.

I wonder what the cat's name is. Fancypants perhaps?

Thanks to everyone who I took poker advantage of on Saturday night in Altadena. I vanquished all of you but one. I guess if I have to finish second in a tournament it may as well be to the pregnant host of the party.

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