Monday, May 01, 2006

Moving The River

I was informed over the weekend that my readership has increased by 20%! I now no longer have 5 readers. I have 6! You can expect that my writing will be 20% better, with tighter editing, more prescient commentary, cleverer pictures, and more satisfying links. Welcome, Sarah, into the tight-knit community of Blueprint Blue readers, 6 disparate individuals spread out over 5 cities in 3 states in 3 time zones.

Despite my immigrant status (naturalized citizen for 30 years or so), I came to work today. I'd rather be on Wilshire Blvd., waving my meticulously sewn Egyptian/Swedish/American flag, offering complete strangers my unique opinions on borders (messy, unnecessary), nationalism (messy, usually unnecessary), television (how about that Big Love?), basketball (Kobe... wow), and early-80s British pop (High Land Hard Rain or Two Wheels Good - which album is better? Does it even matter? Yes, it does. I vote for Wheels.)


kleph said...

Paddy McAloon + Thomas Dolby = Genius

sarah said...

your failure to mention either the go-betweens or the trashcan sinatras makes me question your commitment to brit-pop excellence.


Jason B. said...

Richie Evans grabbing Chris Kaman's nuts is priceless. Priceless. I've been watching it on Youtube since I clicked the link on YOUR site. You provide a great service sir. Or maybe I should say, Sire.


Is it a holiday today? It should be!

blueprint b. said...

Sarah - the Go-Betweens are Australian and despite their poor skin the Aussies don't want to be known as Brits anymore. I would've mentioned them but that first reunion album they put out a few years ago was so disappointing that I've vowed never to acknowledge their existence. Until no

the go-betweens said...

ali, no one likes a know-it-all when it comes to music. unless it's about steely dan.

William Joel said...

settle down both of you! who cares about wimpy brit/aussie-pop when you could listen to a great american musical genius like me? I've done it all - piano ballads, protest songs, doo-wop homages, straight-ahead rock, and I even had a brief classical phase. I'm the king of pop! the king of rock! the king of all genres!