Wednesday, May 03, 2006

a e i o u

I've received additional secret messages indicating that countless others are reading this blog. By year's end, we may reach the double digits! In the mean time, I will write like I always do, pretending that you care and hoping that you pretend.

Today, I co-planned a going-away party for my research assistant. I'll miss her, as she ventures out into the world as the only sports psychologist/fitness model/data analyst I know of. I'm taking applications to fill her position: 20 hours a week, no benefits, a desk in the hallway (no cubicle, no office), and the opportunity to make my life easier.

In my co-planning for the party, I was responsible for the cake and the drinks. Have you ever seen what happens when one of those long narrow Diet Coke 12-pack containers falls through a flimsy plastic bag and onto Figueroa Street? Well, the cardboard doesn't hold up either and the first one can escapes and then the next and then the other 10. They don't all roll in the same direction either. Did you ever notice that "Figueroa" includes all five vowels, each appearing once?

I think I succeded with the chain store bakery chocolate/raspberry cake with the creamy white insides, despite it being referred to as a "whore cake" by someone who may be reading this. Good cake. But yes, I could have done better.

For the 40% of you that care about basketball, Mad Dog has outdone himself with his latest flurry of blog entries.

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