Thursday, January 14, 2010

On Puppet Shows, Helium Balloons, and the Mango Incarnations

I just spent an hour re-reading my blog entries from Year 1 of this blog: 2005. Some observations:

I complained a lot less back then. I wasn't free of the whining that has infiltrated this blog space in recent months. But my complaints were petty, one-off comments about something that irked me.... nothing approaching the gigantic woe-is-me mopefests you may have read earlier today. Do I really have it that hard? A handsome poet with the hands of a lumberjack and the heart of a lion? I have a Ph.D. and a doored office at the hottest school in the nation. I have 1 or 2 cats in an apartment conveniently located in a bubble bordered by the world's best noodle house, the world's finest ocean, a couple of Yogurtlands, a perfect record store, and a coffeehouse that surpasses all others when it comes to mismatched furniture. So, my newest new year's resolution: less complaining.

I tried harder to be funnier back then. Sometimes, I failed. But when I succeeded, look out!

The blog changed names several times, from Blueprint Blues to The Mango to Mango Mush to Incarnation of Mango to Blueprint Blue to Puppet Shows and Helium Balloons and back to Blueprint Blue.

I was extremely good at keeping my personal life private. These days, it's more difficult to keep some stories untold.

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Venus Erupts said...

You left something significant out of your list of "plusses."