Monday, January 04, 2010

The New Year. My New Life. In List Form (not about music)

The year is 2010.
20 - 10 = 10.
The list will go up to 10.

1. I said goodbye to 2009 with such happiness. I was happy to see it go away. It was an unlucky year. 2010 has started out with cleaner kitchens, better vibes.

2. I now live on Bermuda Street. Still in Long Beach. I have a view of rooftops and satellite dishes from one window, more rooftops and antennas from another window. I like the place very much.

3. I keep trying but I still can't spend that damn Kohl's store credit. Target is easier.

4. I need someone to tell me what book I should be reading next. I usually know these things but books have bewildered me lately. But I implore you - in advance - don't suggest the dead Swedish guy or the time traveler woman or Chabon or anyone with a beard. I mean ANY kind of beard. Yes, I am very unreasonable.

5. My keys are color-coded. I like it this way.

6. This is the year that I finish watching The Wire. (Anyone have DVDs they want to send my way, go ahead. You know my street and my city. There is no apartment number. My zip code is my old one plus 12. My house number is 4 digits long and the first and third digits are identical. If one were smart enough to look at a map, one would see that my street is 3 blocks long, thus limiting the possibilities. Final clue: The first two digits are my age when I got my first 4.0 semester. The last two digits are my age when I saw my first Leonard Cohen concert.

7. I will not try to push the whole "woe was me in '09" thing too far. But my epic post about last Valentine's Day is still under construction. It is my Mona Lisa, my To Kill a Mockingbird, my  Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend... and oops I mentioned music. Twice (Cohen, Sweet). Sorry about that. But yeah - last Valentine's Day. You think you know the story but there's so much more.

8. I'm inching toward vegetarianism. 

9. The Timberwolves aren't that bad.

10. I don't want to talk about it.

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Jason said...

I just started Regeneration by Pat Barker. Never read it before, it's supposed to be good.