Friday, October 28, 2005

Two Kinds Of People

On the night that he allegedly murdered Lana "Not Patricia" Clarkson in his Alhambra compound, Phil Spector apparently told police "I didn't mean to shoot her." Today I heard that Spector's statement will indeed be admissable in court during his murder trial.

There are two kinds of people in the world. One kind of person hears this news and immediately imagines a Spector-produced Wall-of-Sound number featuring sweet pseudo-military drums, echoey piano tinkles, and Ronnie Spector singing "Oh I didn't mean to shoot her / No I didn't / No I didn't." The other kind of person wonders who the hell would build a compound in Alhambra.


Anonymous said...

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Jason B. said...

(Caution pretentious blog commentary ahead!)

I believe that the original Alhambra in Spain was a "palace-citadel" and so it is entirely appropriate to build a compound there. I mean, I've heard of people building compound-like structures in La Verne, CA. Word!

None of that means that Phil "I'm a G-d D-mn-d Loon" Spector isn't loonier than the ten thousand loon infested lake of Minnesota.

Ali said...

I receive your point with an open mind, rabbi. In fact, I'll probably end up living in Alhambra myself. Whenever they pay me what I deserve here at (((CENSORED))) Laurel and I will settle for some small but stylish two bedroom condo in the part of Alhambra that's close enough to that little downtown area with the spotty parking but far enough from the freeway because you know we can't afford anything on the westside (i.e., the bestside).