Monday, September 28, 2009

Turn of the Century Poems About Bracelets, Career Arcs, Rooftops, and Retribution

On my poetry site are seven poems I discovered tonight in an old abandoned Word document called “Songs.” Some are songs; all are poems. All were written between 1999 and 2001.

The House is about the scariest house I’ve ever been in. It was an old abandoned house in Doylestown, PA, right behind the Burger King. This is one of several poems/stories/songs on the subject of this house. It’s the simplest. It’s my favorite.

I Feel Like Dancing
is about living in Minneapolis and remembering my favorite memory of Los Angeles – four people, never to see each other again as a group, watching the sunset from a rooftop in the Fairfax District. The world never looked more beautiful than that.

Double Gold
is about being young and strange (like me) and being obsessed with charts, numbers, AND music. Thus, my intense interest in Casey Kasem’s Top 40 and Billboard Magazine. Here, I delineate the various awards given for surpassing record sales milestones.

Two Bracelets
? I have no idea what it’s about. I think it’s about someone I know. But then I think it’s about someone else. So it’s really about me and my inaccurate – but always detailed – memories.

In the Low Light
is about the singer of that song Wildfire (Michael Martin Murphey) coming to my small town in the early 80s and playing a show at the local theater. I imagine that his career is on the downward slope and that his fruit platters are less seasonal and his groupies less existent.

is about a more interesting Canada, filled with people who wants something more from their nation.

Finally, Limbs is awesome. I need to analyze it more. I need to figure out what was up with my mind and my soul back then....if they are indeed two different things, like arms and legs.

Again, the poems are here:

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