Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A New Poem and the Missing "Peach" Paragraph

There's a new poem here. Before you read it, you should know:
  • It's not about you
  • Or you or you or you
  • It's not about me, though a few things in there bear a small but distinct similarity to stuff I've seen/done/heard about
  • It's not based in reality, but neither is reality entirely based on the memory of earlier reality
  • Still, much of it is based on images I haven't been able to shake over the year
  • It was originally going to be called Stars in September which is a better poem title but one that I will save for a different piece.
Yesterday I wrote a blog entry that went through many revisions and font changes, more than I have ever subjected this blog to. One of the early versions, written on Monday afternoon, contained a final paragraph that was a departure from everything that preceded it. This departure could have been for many reasons. But the most obvious one is that what I had written did not resemble reality. None of what I wrote in that final paragraph actually happened. Tenses and points of view kept changing for no reason. I said that it was Memorial Day.

So I deleted that paragraph and published something that was essentially true. But I saved the weird paragraph and read and re-read it. And it has puzzled me. You see, I don't remember writing it. But I clearly was the person who wrote it. Though the events were untrue, the following elements did indeed match reality: the paragraph's narrator has two cats (I have two cats); a reference is made to an "absent father" (my father died 14 years ago; during my childhood, he traveled for work frequently), and some action took place in an office that is part of a larger suite of offices (just like mine).

In the future, I hope to analyze my hallucinatory dream paragraph. I will parse each of its 77 words and come to a greater understanding of self. I'm not quite ready for that today.

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