Thursday, September 03, 2009

5 Songs, 6 Videos

Last night I fell asleep with the lights on, in the clothes I had worn to work. Is that a police tape "do not cross" guitar strap? Cool. Anyway, I got nine good hours of sleep and here's a good morning song to wake us up:

Cait O'Riordan (the first singer that Elvis Costello married) gives a moving performance in a film that I just realized I've seen before. And yes that's Joe Strummer in the cowboy hat:

Maybe my days of riding around Minneapolis in my pajamas are over. But this song makes me smile nonetheless.

"I had a conversation with you last night. It was a little one-sided but that's alright."

I think I've linked to this before. But I don't care. I'll keep doing it until Belle & Sebastian and The Hold Steady tour together, singing songs about Timberwolves, the 5 Freeway, timberwolves, pizza, poetry, and the great pyramids.

You're right. Funny Little Frog might benefit from a slowed-down, less jaunty performance and a woman playing the role of singer:

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