Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Things Stay In Place (5 Songs on a Saturday Night)

I'm sad that Levi Stubbs (the lead singer of the Four Tops) died at 71. He was one of the best vocalists ever and definitely my favorite of the Motown era. In Standing in the Shadows of Love you can hear what separates him from the rest: anguish and anger, pain and a tiny figment of hope. Listen to to Reach Out I'll Be There.

Or just watch this amazing version of Baby I Need Your Lovin (he's on the right):

And here's an amazing video of Billy Bragg's song Levi Stubbs' Tears in which he imagines the singer's pain as a proxy for someone else's:

Speaking of great vocalists, I have to say I like Adele (just saw her on Saturday Night Live). She sounds like November 1986:

Which reminds me of:

And just for the hell of it - the world's greatest rock and roll band:

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