Thursday, December 13, 2007

These Are The Real People In The World: 10 Reasons Boogie Nights Is My Favorite Movie

(in honor of the film's recent 10 year anniversary)

(not in any order)

1. The way Jack says "We're all familiar with your biography, Floyd" when Floyd is listing his credentials. Burt Reynolds plays a perfect disinterested interested person.

2. After Little Bill gets the gun from his car to kill his wife (and himself) at the New Years party, he LOCKS the car door. Manual.

3. "High fidelity. You know what that means... the highest quality fidelity."

4. "I love you. You love me. Going down the sugar tree." ...... "I write songs too."

5. The enthusiasm mixed with sadness in Reed's voice after he hears that Becky and Jerome are moving to Bakersfield: "We're losing these two. Big promotion."

6. The way the recording studio guy doesn't really explain what a "Catch-22" is.... because he really doesn't know.

7. "You're officially out of limes Jack."

8. Amber crying outside of the courthouse.

9. This scene:

10. "VIOLENCE is something that PLAGUES us as a SOCIETY."

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lolo said...

Wow! Those are some amazing scenes.