Thursday, December 27, 2007

In the Fixx

It's a balmy afternoon in Chicago. I'm in a well-furnished coffee shops with free WiFi and depressing music (Iron and Wine, I think). Nope... just Googled the lyrics. It's Band of Horses. If it was 20 degrees colder and I was ten years younger, I might like them more.

My rental car has Sirius satellite radio. There's an all-Bruce Springsteen channel (E Street radio) and an another channel dedicated to the Jimmy Buffet lifestyle (Margaritaville). Somehow, Buffet is playing better songs today.

You should read The Thumbprint.

I had a request for my year-end lists. They're coming. For the music lists, none of the artists mentioned in this entry stands a chance. It was a tough year.

I'm enjoying my trip to the Midwest. Though I miss my apartment and those cool new framed photos on my bookcase.

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