Friday, April 21, 2006

Unorthodox NBA Playoff Predictions

Eastern Conference

1. Detroit vs. 8. Milwaukee
Bucks in 7, in the greatest upset in NBA history. Why? Pistons seem full of themselves. Mo and
Redd are hungry.

2. Miami vs. 7. Chicago
Heat in 5.

3. New Jersey vs. 6. Indiana
Nets in 4. Rick Carlisle will never coach a team to a playoff victory again.

4. Cleveland vs. 5. Washington
Cavs in 7.

Western Conference

1. San Antonio vs. 8. Sacramento
Spurs in 6. God I hate the Spurs.

2. Phoenix vs. 7 Los Angeles Lakers
Lakers in 7. Kobe will have 4 amazing games, 3 bad ones.

3. Denver vs. 6. Los Angeles Clippers
Clippers in 7. This one's hard to predict. But I can't root for a team with Marcus Camby AND Kenyon Martin on it. And I can't pick such a team to win either.

4. Dallas vs. 5. Memphis
Mavs in 5.

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