Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Beck and Bill Cosby

Beck and Bill Cosby
Are cruising down the Nile
Beck says "Bill you're crazy
But you got yourself some style"

Bill says "Beck, so tell me
What is it that you've got?
A golden mane, a vacant stare
A Hoople with no Mott?"

"Dude you're killing me!
In your sweaters and your sweatshirts
With your sage advice
And fits of black rage
I'm gonna write a song about you
A smart samba blues
With spot-on eastside lyrics
About a man with a plan and a tan"

"Mr. Beck, what is your purpose?
You slink around the deck
With your iPod and your green sunglasses
I'm here for the culture
For the river and the people
For the relics and the history"

"Bill I'm here for you
I'll scrub the deck so your shoes
Don't get muddy
And as the black water catches the African moon
I'll dance with your daughter
All night long"

"That's not my daughter!"

They share a laugh
Beck plays Bill a song of redemption
By a poet named Leonard
Bill asks for some Hall and Oates
They sing along to "Rich Girl"
While their women watch the locals with their buckets by the shore

Beck and Bill Cosby
Are sailing down the Nile
Bill says "Beck you rock the mic
Beck says "Bill you make me smile"

The next day
They have their breakfast in the Great Room
The cooks hum the theme from "Iron Chef"
Bill and Beck eat until there's no French toast left


Jason B. said...

Holy cow, blue print. You have been prolific!

And is he the contemporary Bill Cosby or the classic comedy album Bill?

Ali said...

He's the college sweater-wearing Heathcliff Huxtable Cosby Show-era Bill, with just a touch of the recent angry social activist Bill and a slight air of Fat Albert. Beck, on the other hand, is the summer-of-99 Beck.

And thanks but I haven't been that prolific. Beck and Bill was written way back in the pre-blog era. Late '04. I felt it deserved an audience.