Monday, April 10, 2006


I'm watching a Seinfeld rerun. I never realized Amanda Peet played the woman Jerry dated who lived with the "dude" (also the catfight/Scarsdale Surprise episode if that means anything to you.) Even back then one could see glimmers of Amanda's genius.

I heard a gunshot outside (I'm at home). It was a couple of blocks away. Interesting. It was a single gunshot, not a series. I guess the shooter hit his target or got his point across.

I have a new idea for a screenplay. Yes, my other idea still needs to be written. It will be. This new idea can be summed up in one eleven-letter word. I can't say the word now. You reader(s) could take my idea and run with it and then spend the rest of your days sipping Kersschwasser. From a shell, in a Franklin Hills mansion. I will tell you this: I'm coming back to comedy.

I liked my job today.

Some would argue that the eleven letters should be split into two words, one with four letters and one with seven. I would argue that they are wrong. It's edgier with one word. This thing will write itself.


Jason B. said...

Oblique yet revealing. Oblique. The word of the year so far.

NBA picks?

blueprint b. said...

Phoenix over Cleveland in the finals

Anonymous said...

I agree - one word is better. Hopefully it will be bigger than the Kevin Smith film using the same first four letters.

Fmr. Crobar gye