Friday, October 21, 2005


What's up with the Internet today? Slower than Mark Madsen on a pick-and-roll. Stickier than a Walter Becker bass line circa 1978, with the wolves howling at his door. Spottier than Bill Paxton's acting career (note: Bill Pullman is a different person). Maybe it's just an office thing but I seem to have had the same problem at home last night.

World Series predictions: White Sox in 7. Because of Ozzie, that's why. And the Astros seem a little fratboyish for my refined tastes.

I watched the first couple episodes of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Wow. More energetic than the deep cuts on Christmas's In Excelsior Dayglo album. More spot-on than Stephen Fry's The Hippopotamus. Funnier than Parker Posey in Henry Fool. More full of truthiness than my sophomore Sociology professor, the one with the flower in her hair and the lisp but maybe she was just a T.A. even though she seemed too old to be a T.A.


Jason B. said...

Ozzie. And the White Sox. Damn. I love it. Love it. A real world series. How did these teams get in? Is there a salary cap in baseball?

And didn't you forget glitchier than Mac OS 10.0?

Ali said...

Speaking of Mac OS 10.0, would you, rabbi, recommend purchasing a Mac? My beloved home computer seems to have permanently crashed ("Fatal Hard Disk Error") and it's time for a new one. I want to switch to Mac but is this a wise decision? I like those cool stretchy icons.

Jason B. said...

Oh, dude. I'd recommend the switch, but if you've been on a PC for a long time and you use PC at work, it may be painful.

I think mac has reached a point of beauty with the latest OS and the peripherals, but the hastle of switching could be enormous. For one thing there's the paucity of software. Two, it's more expensive. I mean, I like mac, but I use mac at home and at work and I have for a while. USB has changed the playing field somewhat, but there are still "issues."

What do you do at home?

Anonymous said...
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