Monday, October 10, 2005

Stealing From the Children

A prize of $2 (in the form of a two-dollar bill) will be given to anyone who can identify the source and context of the new blog title. It doesn't appear to be googleable. Hint: It's from a movie. John, you're not eligible because I know you know and it's simply not fair to the other reader(s). If you can name the person who actually uttered those words, the prize doubles (i.e., a four-dollar bill).

I've updated my links. You'll see a link to a A Brief History of the Rise and Fall of Ten Minutes Ago, the very fine blog from my frequent commenter, rabbikubota. And there are a few more new links, including my vew favorite radio station WFMU and my new favorite minimally graphic online literary journal Eclectica.

The Angels must win tonight, if for no other reason than the frown on A-Rod's face. And I also want to see Vladimir Guerrero get the extended national attention he deserves. Dude's named Vladimir.


linglo said...

Stealing From the Children?

Can you at least give us a genre and relative era? Cruel blogger!

linglo said...

Wait, Wait! You're talking about Puppet Shows and Helium Balloons, aren't you? Cruelest blogger of all!

Ali said...

yes, that is what I am referring to.

who said

"Puppet shows and helium balloons"


This recitation forever changed the American patois, at least for a few weeks many many many years ago.

Jason B. said...

Man, I have no idea.

I don't know anything that can't be researched using the Google search engine.

Thanks for the mad props - propinas locos!!


linglo said...

Something tells me this has to do with Louie Anderson and Richard Lewis. Going back to high school or college or something? The right guys or the right men or the right boys or some such nonsense.