Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mango Mush

It seems late in the day to be posting, doesn't it?

It seems late in the work week to be posting for the first time, doesn't it?

What is there to say? Hmm.

Today, bored from waiting for the elevator, climbed 21 flights of stairs. Twice. It's invigorating and sweat-making.

I am taller than most of my co-workers. And more dapper. But am I a better person? That's a question for others to ponder. Though I know what my answer would be.

I've heard whispers from my marriage mate that "The Mango" is an inappropriate and kinda lame name. Feel free to offer your secret comments on the matter. I may do something rash like call the blog "Interlopers and Acerbs." Or I may quote a random Reagan-era British pop lyric. Or I may simply go title-less, tossing a John Cage basketball off the existensial backboard of modern communication. The Mango.

1 comment:

linglo said...

Mr. Fachamy,

I simple refusing to read subsequential bloggings without many many story of kitty, large or small.

Strictly your,