Friday, August 19, 2005

20 Minutes

I’ve updated my links. Adjust your gaze slightly to the right (my left). There they are. Feel free to link to these sites directly from mine so that my url shows up in their “linked from” statistics, creating a chain of events and reciprocal links that leads to my blog being viewed by more than 5 to 11 people per day. You may notice that I’ve increased the proportion of snooty literary blog links. What can I say? I like long involved snooty blog entries that occupy my time and make me consider the history and current state of literature. I hope you like them too.

To answer a question that no one asks (Why do I list my home as “Los Angeles” when I live in a city that abuts Los Angeles but is clearly not Los Angeles?), I’ll note that I’m usually (83% of the time) in Los Angeles when posting. Does this mean I post from work, rather than do my job? Well, I’ll remind everyone of my two union-negotiated 20-minute breaks per day. Others use this loophole to leave 40 minutes early. I use it for my mango thing.

I had a brief breakdown yesterday when I posted a comment to a comment to a comment to Wednesday’s post. Apparently, I actually seriously considered seeing a film noir double feature films tonight. And you know how I feel about noir films: There's only been one good one ever - The Last Seduction. No, make that two good ones - The Last Seduction and The Long Goodbye. Instead, I urge everyone to rush to their local theater to see The 40 Year-Old Virgin, so the Apatow/Carell/Ferrell/Rudd mafia can continue to hone their craft. I’ve watched my Tivoed Anchorman about 6 times in the past week and I can’t believe I only slightly liked it when it came out. It’s a masterpiece.

They’re playing Nina Simone on that one radio station I link to. Nina Simone is crazy.


Jason B. said...

Are you f'in' nuts, Mr. Mango??!!

Out of the Past
Double Indemnity (Yes!)
Third Man
Asphalt Jungle
Brute (f'in') Force!

I need only to type their titles to unleash their power on you.

I would have loved to go to Billy Wilder night (although I have yet to get all the way through The Apartment. Never seen the whole thing.). Alas...

Ali said...

I was just kidding really. I was trying to get a reaction from a renownded noir fetishist I know in Minnesota. But the Billy Wilder invitation still holds. I especially want to see The Apartment.

linglo said...

New husband,

Please pick up some Beano on your way home.

Thanks, Linglo