Monday, August 24, 2009

Please Gummi Bear Please

Why didn't people tell me about Gummi Bears sooner? These things are awesome! Soft delicate sweet pillows of luscious tastiness. To think I've spent roughly half of my expected lifespan NOT eating these things every day...!

Note #1: Gummi Bears is not "code" for something else. I really am referring to the eurocandy of the same name)

Note #2: Although some other versions of the GB may be acceptable, I like the ubiquitous original Haribo brand version. And though I wish no ill will on fans of other gummi shapes (worms, fish, etc.) and other gummi flavors (sour), I'm more than happy with the original.

Please enjoy a new poem, Couldn't Call It Unexpected #6. This is my first poem written entirely on the iPhone.

There's an Elvis Costello reference in that poem title. I steal from the best.

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Berkeley Power Grip said...

Come on! How the hell have you never had a gummi bear? Didn't they have them at the Southdale concession stand? Or were gummi bears not a hot movie treat back in the mid-80s. They are wonderful, and Haribo IS the best. And try them with popcorn - my friend Annie introduced me to that combo - c'est délicieux!