Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hey Baby, It's the 4th of August

It shouldn't take this long. No - two weeks should not pass between posts.

(Talking to myself: Ali, Facebook is NOT a substitute for Blueprint Blue.)

(Ali, don't let this happen again.)

Meekly, I vow to never let this happen again.

Let me give you a quick life update:

June: Nothing
July: Nothing
August: So far, less than nothing

But look on the bright side: September is birthday month. October is World Series month and basketballs season begins month. November is my favorite month. December is Christmas which has got to be better than last year.

Here's an example of this unrelenting ass-kicking summer:

I want to trade in my "clunker" for "cash" a new(er) car. Let's see - insurance is paid up.... car payments are caught up.... car is in pretty good shape. Despite my insistence (and supporting data!) that my car gets better than 25mpg, the government website informs me that my car gets a "real" combined city/highway mpg of 19mpg. The requirement for clunkers? 18.

Well at least the Timberwolves are being overhauled. Ryan Hollins! Jonny Flynn! New Coach!

And Mad Dog - Thanks. That was nice. (Jason - enjoy your new power forward. Or are you no longer a Clippers fan?)

Finally - did Steve Barone from Lifter Puller really praise my blog entry about Lifter Puller even after I inexcusably forgot to mention him by name? Thanks for the note Steve and yeah your guitar and keyboards work was pretty amazing.

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MTClifford said...

Didn't things take a dramatic turn for the better on August 9?