Thursday, May 14, 2009

(Do Not Lean on the Door)

I used to make mix tapes. For myself, for my friends, for the unrequited and the twice ignored. I kept most of them. None were quite right to give away. Some were too perfect to let go.

Then I made mix CDs. I could spend paragraphs dissecting the differences between making mix tapes and CDs - that the torturous task of sequencing and editing tapes made it a more difficult and thus more romantic task, that the ease of click-and-drag and cut-and-paste involved in mix CD creation made it a cheap-and-easy leisure time filler. No - same end result (songs selected and sequenced to impress) with different technologies. It's not about the format. It's all about the songs and what they convey.

And now it's even easier. Just a playlist and a flash drive and everyone I've always wanted to say to you and you and you is said. I don't have to limit it to 90 minutes or 77... 80 or 60. You and you and you can change the sequencing, delete the Ween song, reorder to make it easier to fall asleep at the end. You and you and you (and maybe you) can Google the lyrics and ask me why I put that one after this one.

And what about that sad sad song that sounds so beautiful? (No)

No? But that's all I like. (Okay then. But not that one)

And I know. I've heard the rules before. I wrote the rules: No Steely Dan. No Leonard Cohen. No Bonnie "Prince" Billy. They all work best alone.

I always break one rule.

And why would anyone begin with a song about a funeral and end with one about the birth. Okay I moved things around. Need to go pick up my car. Bye.

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