Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Break the Silence

Wow, people do read this thing. I guess I need to write more often.

But... what could I write about?

My excitement about getting to watch two important competitive basketball games tonight? Yeah they'll be good.

My anticipation for the new Grizzly Bear album being released in two weeks? Okay but I can't exactly elaborate on that, can I?

My frustration with the size and placement of the closet in my new apartment and how this problem does not seem solvable.

I could fill up some space with a picture of a cat that I'm taking care of (temporarily but it could take a while which is cool because Ringo - you're awesome):

Or I could write about my intense relief that after the LBPD pulled me over on Sunday for an "unsafe lane change" on 7th Street, there was another crime somewhere else in Long Beach that required the officer speaking to me to run like hell to his patrol car and for both officers to speed away in a misty coastal blur BEFORE they even started writing the ticket? I guess I just did tell that whole story so there's not much I could add. I could add that the officer, as he was running away, yelled out "slow down, drive safely!" Or I could point out that they were wrong; the lane change was completely safe and I did signal my turn.

Or I could discuss how my life and the world around me are eerily and beautifully reminiscent of 1989? With some subtle differences I should add.

Have a good evening everyone.


obscurapersona said...
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obscurapersona said...

Ringo is awesome! And you the awesomest friend for watching his stinky-ness!