Monday, January 05, 2009

We Used To Go Driving Down Paved Roads

I still have my 2008 calendar up on my office wall. December's photo is of a pre-war Los Angeles street (Broadway between 3rd and Olympic to be exact). I've been on that stretch maybe a half-dozen times in my dozen years here. I can't remember the last time... it was when Alex and I drove around downtown looking for toys for her art project. Today the project sits on my bookcase and I like it there. I won't take the calendar down because 2008 doesn't seem quite finished. There is unfinished business. There are decisions. There are songs I haven't listened to yet. I've been inattentive. I've skipped weeks and months.

I want to leave work early but I won't. When I leave it will be cold enough to wear my new black coat. It took two days and three stores to find it but I'm happy with it. When I get home - after buying a bag of dry cat food, yet again (why don't I just get the big bag?) - it will be dark and the laundry piles will still be inexplicable. I will attempt to make sense of them. I will try to finish something.

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