Friday, January 23, 2009

The Next Moment

First, a correction:

In last week's Top 11 Chorus-less Songs, I included a song that doesn't quite meet the definition. Raining In Darling by Bonnie "Prince Billy does indeed have a chorus. Sure, it's an abbreviated one, a chorus that ends abruptly. But it's there. Please replace it on the list in your head with Two-Headed Boy by Neutral Milk Hotel which should have been there along.

Next, a clarification: In my recent post about songs about women in the seventies, I should point out that I don't actually agree with any of the sentiments in any of the songs I discuss. In fact, I don't completely agree with any song that's ever been recorded except maybe for For Reverend Green by Animal Collective but that may be because I can't understand half the lyrics and have never bothered to look them up.

Long-time readers of BpB might have noticed my relative silence concerning the recent stellar play of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Am I afraid to jinx things? No. Jinxes aren't real. Am I skeptical because of their weak schedule and the fact that their early season poor play may have partially been the result of bad luck? No. Have I just been a lazy blogger? Yeah. But how about those Wolves? Kevin Love may actually turn out to be better than O.J. Mayo. (Okay, that won't happen.) But how about Randy Foye? And Smith and Carney and everyone else? That Kevin McHale - he can't draft or trade but he sure can coach.

Speaking of Animal Collective, the new album is amazing.

I'm wearing a red dress shirt with a purple tie. Never done that before.

I told everyone I knew I wanted a calendar for Christmas. The space on my office wall where a calendar should appear is an empty space. It's only January. It's not too late. I guess I need to buy one myself.

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